Monday, July 16, 2012

IRON MAN 3 : SDCC pics of the new suit. (IROM MAN MARK VIII)

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You've probably seen these pics all over the Internet, as someone who delights in all things robotic, I like the subtle changes they made, most noticeable is the change in color scheme, gold dominates the suit now an interesting look that doesn't deviate too far from the traditional look of the suit.

The suite also seems less angular around the chest, abs, legs and gauntlets giving it a more organic look than previous armors depicted in Marvel films.

 I can vaguely make out small separations in the armor akin to the MARK IV ( silver suit case suit from IRON MAN 2 ) along the helmet and chest plate which could indicate another "Transforming" suite like the one we saw at the end of  "The Avengers" 

The pronounced shoulder pads and the colored segments along the arms, abs and back remind me of a "EVA" from Neon Genesis Evengelion it's smoother more uniform look to the arms and legs gives it look less like a segmented suit of armor which I feel is an improvement to the previous design.

The hips and the knees in my opinion look a whole lot better with a more organic symmetrical look. 

Although Faveau isn't directing the Third film, I'm psyched by what I know so far, Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin, The Iron Patriot Armor and RDJ returning as Tony Stark.

I'm There dudes.


  1. Yeah, I saw it. What bullshit. Too much gold. Know Marvel and the movies it will be destroyed in quick order anyway. I want to see the deep ocean one (they could have shown that in Avengers) and the radar evading one.

  2. Maybe, you think that since it's a white guy's armor that it *should* have a flat ass? ;)

    1. If you look carefully it has a little poop shoot on its bum like that shit window on long johns.