Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spoilerific Movie Review #1 - Oblivion (2013)

The first act of Oblivion is very reminiscent of the first act of Disney's Wall-E and it does a fine job of telling the same abandoned earth story sans the Pixar charm.

As the plot starts to unravel it leaves you with gaping potholes that just don't make sense.

Tom Cruise plays Jack, a future mechanic / pilot guy who's job is to fix drones that are depleting the planets sea water to covert into hydrogen fuel for the human races off world colony on Titan. His memory has been wiped for no apparent reason other than its for the good of the mission, he's been told that The Earth was attacked by Aliens and that it's been left in ruins, uninhabitable in most places.

The drones are being attacked by what Jack believes are aliens, but if you've seen one trailer for this movie you know that the aliens are really humans lead by Morgan Freeman and Tom Cruise is working for the aliens as their maytag repairman.

Now without spilling the beans on a couple of little plot twists that come up I just have one question for the writers of this flick. If the Aliens built the giant starship capable of destroying the moon and rendering humanity to the brink of extinction, the aliens also built the ships and bases that Jack was working out of as well as the drones, why did they need to go to all the trouble of capturing a human, lying to him to get him to repair their alien tech?

Wouldn't it have been easier and less risky to the operation to just do the job themselves?
Cause you know that if you told Jack that Humanity is dead and he finds a human on Earth, the whole plan would just go to shit.

I'm just saying, it's fucking illogical captain, now bring me Iron-Man 3!!!


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