Thursday, May 8, 2008


1985, while Chuck D was asking us to fight the powers that be, I was busy watching my older cousin Peter playing KARATEKA on his Commodore 64 for hours from the door to his room 

( he didn't let any younger kids into his room without permission, unless he was feeling very generous )

Anyway I remember Peter getting the little Karate guy that you control to run and not being able to stop him, and the poor little character would run into the enemies fist, killing you with one fatal blow  to the head and making you start all over.

No save points , no codes , no matter much progress you made , you had to start all the way from the beginning.

I remember watching the little animated karate master and thinking how life like and fluid his animation was, begging for a chance at the game, swearing that I could do much better than my cousin, I mean the guy was getting killed at the same first enemy over and over, how hard could it be? But alas I wasn't allowed in the room.

Eventually my cousin soften his "No kids allowed" room policy and actually let me play the game. 

I never got past the first guy.


  1. Do I ever remember the days. I hated that fucking game, but it had me in a trance. What technology used to be. I do agree, my brother was an ass.

  2. Whoa! I didn't know this game was for C64! I have this one on a pirate 31-in-1 NES cart (visit my blog). I used to lose with the very first guy, but now I found how to run and how to fight (pressing down with the control pad), and nowadays I can get to the building,,, but the last time I played, a very strange bird hit me and I lost :-P All over again.

    Good game, anyway. Greetings.