Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My thanks to the CBR For the interesting article.


COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Marvel changed the name of the Black Panther because of the political group by the same name.

TRUE, Marvel did change the name to avoid confusion, but then decided to keep T'Challa's BLACK PANTHER name.

When the Black Panther, the first black superhero, was introduced in 1966, the Black Panther Party was not around for months, so Stan Lee and Jack Kirby did not think that their new character’s name would have any special connotations.


By 1972, though, that was not the case, and the name “Black Panther” was known more for its connection with the political group than for the comic book character. Therefore, in an attempt to move the character away from the group, writer Roy Thomas wrote Fantastic Four #119.


In the issue, the Thing and the Human Torch get caught up in an international problem when T’Challa, in pursuit of some crooks, gets arrested in “Rudyarda,” the stand-in for South Africa.

When Johnny and Ben free T’Challa, they are unprepared to hear the following…

Luckily, T’Challa makes sure to explain himself right away…

Panel 2.JPG


The change, as you are well aware, did not last long. Soon, it was the Black Panther once again!


  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    I foresee a return to the hood, and because of these plans
    we will no longer be called "THE KLU KLUX KLAN" due to the social and political connotations of that name in your country... but we will be now known as "THE WU-TANG CLAN" so as not to arouse the ire of your peoples. After all the WU is a clan just the same and need not be associated with whoever this KLU KLUX is. For the RZA is a law unto himself !!!

  2. but... doesn't the explanation given mean that the urban legend is true? Marvel did change the name because the militant group, if only for a little while, right?

    Black Leopard is a pretty horrible name either way.

  3. Malformed, you get a NOPRIZE! I will alter the entry. even though it was for a couple of Issues he did change his name. although it wasn't changed due to legal reasons or pressure from outside groups, MARVEL did change it non the less.

    so you are correct!!

  4. the question is... did they choose the name because of the group in the beginning ? then