Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tatsunoko VS Capcom 1up.com GAME NIGHT

The nice kids over at 1up.com got together for a TATSUNOKO vs CAPCOM battle royal and where kind enough to film it for us.

The video is over an hour long featuring most of the fighters and their super moves, so if your tired of prime time and your jonesing for this game, bon appetite


  1. Looks absolutely HOT! I love the floating images of the characters as their Super comes out. Very sweet looking. The REALLY important question is, "What system are they playing on?". Lord, I hope its not the Wii...

  2. That's gotta be a Wii because the sad fact is there are no plans to release T vs. C for any other platform. Word is it's exclusive to the system as it will not be getting Street Fighter IV. Not the first time Capcom's released a hot game exclusive to one system only.