Monday, December 29, 2008


51. X-Men vs. Magneto (Fatal Attractions crossover)

So Colossus, ever a bowl of laughs before, gets even more morose when his sister dies of the Legacy virus (his parents were also recently killed, as was his brother - damn, harsh luck). So when Magneto shows up at the funeral and asks for X-Men to join him, Colossus actually gets up and leaves with Magneto.

Later on, Magneto decides to make a big show of force to let the world know not to mess with him (as the world’s powers were developing an “anti-Magneto force field around the Earth”), so he smacks around Earth’s electro-magnetic fields, killing a bunch of people (but really, while his actions murdered a bunch of innocent people, Magneto is just misunderstood - really).

So the X-Men and particularly Professor X, feel that this has gone on long enough, so Xavier and a small group of X-Men sneak on to Magneto’s Asteroid headquarters with the intention of taking him out. You know how you’re not supposed to bring a knife to a gun fight? Probably not supposed to bring a dude made out of metal to a fight with a guy who controls metal.

Magneto shows why this is such a bad idea when he yanks the metal off of Wolverine’s skeleton, almost killing him in the process.

Xavier has had enough, and uses his vast telepathic power to wipe Magneto’s mind clean - a lobotomy, of sorts.

The X-Men leave with their wounded teammate, and Colossus stays behind, dreading the sponge baths that await him in the future.

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