Thursday, January 1, 2009


50. Jesse Custer vs. Cassidy

A great deal of the plot of Garth Ennis’ Preacher deals with the deep friendship between the titular character, Jesse Custer, and his friend Cassidy, the Irish vampire. However, as the series progresses, Jesse (and the reader) learn more and more unsettling things about Cassidy - Cassidy is basically a bastard.

Jesse probably knew that deep down, he just never thought Cassidy would turn on HIM, but he did when he took advantage of Jesse’s main squeeze, Tulip, when Jesse was thought to be dead.

So in the penultimate issue of Preacher, Jesse and Cassidy meet up and have a fist fight. It’s a great brawl, mostly for the fact that Cassidy has a large power advantage over Jesse, but Jesse is skilled (and Cassidy is a drunk) and he manages to defeat Cassidy easily while insulting Cassidy and putting him down.

Ultimately, when Cassidy is defeated, Jesse can’t help but offer him a hand to help. This inspirational faith from his friend leads Cassidy to enter the sunshine and burn to a crisp.

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