Monday, December 29, 2008


53. Fantastic Four plus Friends vs. Galactus (FF # 243)

So Galactus’ herald at the time, Terrax, shows up on Earth and actually transports the island of Manhattan into orbit. The Avengers help out those who are left behind in tunnels and such when the island is lifted while the Fantastic Four deal with Terrax. Apparently, Terrax no longer wants to work for Galactus, and Galactus is not having any of that, so he pursues Terrax to Earth to destroy him, well, Terrax figures that if he holds the island of Manhattan hostage, he can get the Fantastic Four to destroy Galactus FOR him.

The next issue, Fantastic Four #243 (this storyline was part of John Byrne’s classic run on Fantastic Four as writer/artist), has the Fantastic Four and some of their New York friends (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Doctor Strange) taking on Galactus, who is in a weakened state, and actually defeating him!!!

However, Reed Richards realizes that they can’t let Galactus die - he is too important to the universe, so the next issue, they actually SAVE Galactus’ life! In the process, Terrax is stripped of his powers and the Human Torch’s girlfriend becomes the new herald of Galactus, Nova!

But for one shining moment, the heroes of the Marvel Universe took on Galactus - and kicked his big purple butt!

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