Monday, December 29, 2008


54. Colossus vs. Juggernaut ( Uncanny X-men # 183 )

You can just imagine the mood Colossus was in after Secret Wars. If you need to remember one thing about Colossus, it is this - if you leave him in any sort of different location than he normally is in, he WILL hook up with one of the natives. That is why the X-Men never take him to the Caribbean, as there would be little Caribbean Rasputins up and down the islands. Well, Kitty Pryde did not know this, so she and Colossus ended their (fairly age inappropriate) relationship when she found out that Colossus had made time with an alien girl during Secret Wars. And this was not long after Kitty was willing to marry Caliban of the Morlocks so that Colossus would get some help from the Morlocks (CALIBAN, PEOPLE!).

So Wolverine wanted to take Colossus out to talk some sense into him in Uncanny X-Men #183 (Chris Claremont handled the words and John Romita Jr. did the pencils), and Nightcrawler came along to make sure it did not become a fist fight. While at a bar, Colossus accidentally bumps into Juggernaut, who happens to be at the same bar just trying to pick up a lady at the bar. Juggernaut may have been willing to let it go, but Colossus was in a foul mood, and so they brawl (Wolverine, of course, was aware that Juggernaut was there the whole time).

Colossus actually holds his own pretty well in the fight, but Juggernaut probably was not trying TOO hard. Ultimately, Juggernaut just quits, compliments Colossus on his skills, pays the bar for the damage and takes off, pissed that he can’t get away for one night.

Colossus, meanwhile, is pissed off that Wolverine and Nightcrawler didn’t get his back - then Wolverine gets right back in his face and tells him off about how lame he’s being - about how he did not even THANK Kitty for being willing to marry Caliban (CALIBAN, PEOPLE!) and the Colossus was being a big ol’ egotistical baby.

Good times.

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