Monday, December 29, 2008


55. Nova vs. Annihilus ( Annihilation crossover )

Annihilus has always been a rather unpleasant individual, but for the most part of his history, his bad attitude has been restrained to the Negative Zone, and really, who cares about the Negative Zone?

However, in the major Marvel cosmic event called Annihilation, Annihilus gathers that the universe is expanding into the Negative Zone, so therefore, the universe is fair game as far as he is concerned, so he launches the so-called “Annihilation Wave” a large armada of Negative Zone battleships that can reduce a planet full of people to carrion within an hour (maybe faster - I forget).

Annihilus teams up with Thanos (who might have his own motives - we shall see) and along with some other powerful bad guys, he captures Galactus himself!

Annihilus is planning on using Galactus to fuel basically a “Power Cosmic Bomb” which will destroy both the universe AND the Negative Zone, leaving only Annihilus alive.

He is such a little creep, that Annihilus!

Luckily, Galactus is freed by Drax and the Silver Surfer (who had also been a prisoner of Annihilus), and Galactus flips out and, well, annihilates the Annihilation Wave. Only a few beings are left alive in the whole area of the destruction, and that includes Nova and Annihilus. Now, earlier on, Nova was saved from an attack by Annihilus by the heroic intervention of Quasar, who was killed by Annihilus with the cosmic bands being taken in by Annihilus.

Now, dazed by the battle, Phyla-Vell was able to procure the quantum bands from Annihilus, leaving him vulnerable enough for Nova to finish him.

Nova did so, delivering the killing blow - basically just sticking his hand down Annihilus’ throat and tearing out his internal organs, killing him (for now).

Cool ending to a cool series.

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