Sunday, December 28, 2008


68. Doom vs. Beyonder

When the Beyonder called a bunch of Marvel heroes and villains to Battleworld to battle it out for the “ultimate prize,” he did not take into consideration the fact that Doctor Doom was not one for taking orders. Doom is all about taking power for himself on his OWN terms, like the time he took the Silver Surfer’s Power Cosmic.

Doom decides to do the same to the Beyonder, and confronts him in Secret Wars #10, in a devastating battle where the Beyonder puts Doom through quite a beating - however, Doom knows that if he can just hold off long enough to absorb the power, he can fix himself. And if there’s one thing Doom has going for him - it’s willpower.

And ultimately, Doom succeeds! He beats the seemingly unbeatable! He has the power of the Beyonder! Of course, the Beyonder secretly puts some of his essence into Klaw to protect himself from Doom, but still, Doom did quite an impressive feat.

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