Sunday, December 28, 2008


69. Spider-Man vs. Morlun (First Battle)

J. Michael Straczynski began his run on Amazing Spider-Man with artist John Romita Jr. by both introducing the idea of the Spider-totem (did the radioactive spider give Peter powers due to it being radioactive, or was the spider already a super spider?) and also introducing the poweful villain Morlun.

Morlun is drawn to Spider-Man because he needs to feed on Spider-Man and the pure energy within him.

The fight between Spider-Man and Morlun is a great one because it also manages to work in the whole “Spider-Man never backs down from a fight” routine that makes other Spidey stories so good (and, of course, John Romita Jr. is a great artist).

Although, it’s interesting that this is a fight where Spider-Man actually DOES try to flee, but he can’t because Morlun starts killing civilians until Spider-Man will fight him again. Spidey only gets a respite when an explosion ruins Morlun’s clothes. Morlun’s powers work in a way that he can always find Spider-Man again, so he leaves to go get new clothes and find Spider-Man again.

Morlun is very powerful, but even worse, every time he hits Spider-Man, he drains some energy from him, making the blows that much worse.

Spidey is in bad shape, and he is only saved from the man, Ezekiel, who told him about Morlun recently. Ezekiel manages to draw blood by a punch to Morlun’s nose, but Morlun is able to absorb Ezekiel’s energy, leaving him sated for now.

Spidey uses this time to examine Morlun’s blood and come up with a way to stop him - when next they meet, Spidey has injected himself with radiation - so when Morlun tries to absorb Spidey’s energy - it is no longer pure - it s now “tainted” with radiation!!

This weakens Morlun to the point where Morlun’s assistant takes the opportunity to kill Morlun.

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