Sunday, December 28, 2008


70. Wolverine vs. Sabretooth (Right before the Age of Apocalypse)

This fight (written by Larry Hama) is probably most notable for the fact that it was perhaps the first time Wolverine actually popped the third claw after doing the bit where he puts his two side claws around a person’s head then says something like “Don’t make me give you the third claw” (the third claw being in the middle, so it would go through the person’s head, naturally). He used to do that a lot during the 90s, but never actually popped the third claw.

Well, in this fight, he actually popped the third claw!!

In any event, at some point around 1993 or 94, Professor X took Sabretooth in in an attempt to rehabilitate him. Wolverine was away from the team at this point, going through some issues due to his adamantium being pulled out of his body by Magneto. So in Wolverine #90, when Wolverine returns to the X-Mansion, well, as you might imagine, he is displeased at seeing Sabretooth there.

Sabretooth, meanwhile, also wants to fight Wolverine but can’t because he is held back by a force field. However, being extremely tough, Sabretooth manages to get past the force field - but Logan is waiting for him.

They tussle, and Sabretooth is talking all sorts of trash.

The comic came with fold-out pages, letting artist Adam Kubert really cut loose on the fight scenes.

Finally, Wolverine had Sabretooth at his mercy with the claw routine, and Sabretooth is mocking him about how Wolverine better kill him, because if he doesn’t, Sabretooth will kill someone Wolverine loves (as he has done so many times in the past).

The book ends as Wolverine pops the third claw to the awesome sound effect “SCHLIKT!” as reality falls apart and the Age of Apocalypse begins (we later find out that Wolverine basically lobotomized Sabretooth, but as he has a healing factor, Sabes gets better eventually).

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