Sunday, December 28, 2008


71. Avengers and Justice League vs. Krona

Really, the how and the why of the team-up in JLA/Avengers, the cross-company-crossover written by Kurt Busiek and drawn by George Perez, is not really all that important.

It’s the who and the what that is happening, and that you can see for yourself (click to enlarge the image, by the way) on that above cover.

Kurt Busiek and George Perez team up ALL of the Avengers with ALL of the Justice League to fight against Krona and some bad guys. You are not going to screw up an idea that cool!

That said, while it is not important, the HOW of the story is actually handled really well, as we see the Leaguers and Avengers merged together into a “perfect” world by Krona that they have to break free of for the sake of the universe, and that they do so is a testament to their integrity and heroism, because they know that by defeating Krona that they set into motion some awful events (Barry Allen’s death, Hal becoming the yellow fear monster, etc.). However, they know that a merged Earth means that some people won’t make it - so for those innocents, they must fight Krona!

Of course, not JUST Krona, for the finale is a lot like Busiek’s Avengers Forever #12 - there are a LOT of characters mixed in there!

It’s hectic - it’s frantic - it’s frenetic - it is quite cool.

One last image to convince you…

You know you want it.

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