Saturday, December 27, 2008


83. The Ultimates vs. Thor

There was an air of mystery around Thor for much of the first series of Ultimates which was only intensified in the second volume. Was he really a Norse god or was he just a super-soldier with a fancy hammer designed by the government?

Loki, disguised as a representative from the European Defence Initiative convinced the Ultimates it was the latter, especially as the team was already distrustful of Thor - thinking he was the traitor in their ranks who revealed to the world that Bruce Banner was the Hulk (forcing the Ultimates to kill Banner to avoid bad PR). In fact, he had already quit the team, figuring that they would begin to get involved in foreign countries - something he was firmly against.

Once Loki convinced the team Thor was nuts, they traveled to bring him into custody - the following battle in Ultimates 2 #5 by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch is quite a sight to see.

Thor takes on the entire team and things only get worse when they make him mad. He totally holds his own until Quicksilver manages to jump 50 feet into the air and snare his belt, which supposedly is where his strength came from, artificially.

Surprisingly (including to Thor) this gambit works (all part of Loki’s plan), and Thor is taken into custody.

Eventually, he will be freed and help the team beat down Loki.

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