Saturday, December 27, 2008


84. Punisher vs. Barracuda (Punisher MAX)

People really did not specify which Punisher/Barracuda battle they meant, so since they were so close together, I’ll just count it as one fight with two rounds!

Barracuda, introduced in The Punisher MAX #31, is basically what the Punisher would be if he were a big black psychopath.

Barracuda is ruthlessly efficient and able to survive all sorts of terrible situations, at the same time, he also manages to have a sick sense of humor about things, as well.

He was a successful gangster who the government enlisted for special ops when they saw how efficient he was at killing people.

While fighting the Punisher, Barracuda lost an eye and all the fingers on his right hand - but that did not stop him none!

Barracuda was so popular that he was given his own mini-series, filled with violence and mayhem. He then returned to get his revenge on Frank Castle in a storyline where he kidnaps the Punisher’s child (who Castle did not even know existed) to lead Castle into a trap. What follows is issue upon issue of maniacal violence as two men who just don’t know how to quit lay into each other over and over again.

Garth Ennis and artist Goran Parlov (who handled the art on all Barracuda stories, including the mini-series - save one issue by Howard Chaykin) manage to make Barracuda, through all his insanity, a pretty lovable sociopath, really - in a horrible, twisted way, of course.

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