Saturday, December 27, 2008


85. Authority vs. Kaizen Gamorra

If you’re going to go about things a bit differently, you usually need one major moment to draw people’s attention to your comic, and the Authority’s initial battle against Kaizen Gamorra was that event.

Kaizen Gamorra had been a major part of the Wildstorm universe basically ever since it began. His island of Gamorra was a major spot for both genetic engineering, cybernetics and, oh yes, terrorism.

When Warren Ellis took over Stormwatch, he revealed that the Kaizen Gamorra we had seen was not the REAL Gamorra, and when Ellis installed the real one, things got even worse.

The first strike by Gamorra was when he used a virus to mutate and kill 233 passengers on an airplane. Stormwatch retaliated by invading Gamorra and killing exactly 233 citizens of Gamorra.

Later, after Stormwatch disbanded, Gamorra revealed he had been spending his time building an army of superhuman clones. He planned to unleash them on the world, destroying three major cities. His first victim was Moscow, which his army of superbeings razed to the ground. The newly-formed Authority, however, managed to stop Gamorra’s crew in London, with only minimal casualties.

In the third battle, there were NO casualties - other than the evil clones.

Gamorra hid on his island behind his super powerful force field that no superhero could burst through - not even Majestic!

And it was here that Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch’s Authority really began to stand out. Recently, the Authority had gained a gigantic inter-dimensional craft called the Carrier. Well, the Authority member Midnighter decided what they had to do was to just crash the entire thing on the island of Gamorra!

Widespread superhero action had never been THIS vivid before!

Gamorra’s last words as he and his cloning plants were destroyed were “I only wanted to have some fun.”

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