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98. Squadron Supreme vs. Redeemers

Mark Gruenwald and Bob Hall’s Squadron Supreme maxi-series was a great precursor to a number of modern comics, in that it tackled the subject of what would happen if superheroes just decide to fight crime in a more “realistic” manner. What if they really just tried to, say, end poverty? Starvation?

Well, in this series, the Squadron Supreme decide that is just what they will do, and spend the series doing so.

However, their former teammate, Nighthawk (who was also President of the United States for a time) believes this to be foolhardy - that they should serve the public, not rule over them. For the entirety of the series, Nighthawk searches for help from various sources (including Captain America and the Avengers) until ultimately, in the last issue, he confronts the Squadron himself, along with a group of former villains (who took issue with the behavior modification aspect of the Squadron’s plans for making Earth a Utopia).

The battle is a long and bloody one, and Nighthawk does not live to see it end.

Upon his friend’s death, the Squadron’s leader, Hyperion, ends the battle when he comes to realize that his fallen friend was correct.

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