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99. Skurge vs. the Forces of Hel

Skurge, the Executioner, had always been a bit of a lackey in the Marvel Universe to the Enchantress.

In the pages of The Mighty Thor #362, by the great Walt Simonson, Skurge got his chance to make a better name for himself.

In this issue, Thor wants to free some mortal souls that Hela has wrongly stolen to Hel, the Norse underworld. Thor, his compatriot Balder and a group of Asgardian warriors (armed with swords and M-16s) seek to rescue the mortals. Skurge, looking for redemption, goes along on the mission.

They rescue the mortals, but are now being chased by the hordes of Hel and they make their way for Gjallerbru, a bridge right outside the border of Hel with Asgard.

Thor plans on staying behind to hold off the forces while the rest escape (because Thor is cool like that). Skurge knocks Thor unconscious from behind. What’s going on!??

As it turns out, Skurge wants to do it himself. He stays behind at the bridge, along with a few M-16s and, well…check it out…

Skurge dies in holding the bridge, but that second part is more important - he holds the bridge.

And in doing so, Skurge went from being a pretty minor villain to being an all-time great hero.

How amazing is the panel of him batting away at the hordes of Hel with the empty rifle?

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