Saturday, January 3, 2009


This movie could be a steaming pile of shit and you would still find me on line,ticket in hand, on opening day.

I don't care if time travel in the terminator universe doesn't make a whole lot of sense. ( if they delay judgment day any further, John Connor will be 106 years old by the time skynet's online )

I don't care that Arnold isn't in it. ( that's actually a plus )

All I want to see for my $12 bucks are shiny red eyed robots big and small doing what they do best,Terminating humans ( oh and Batman is in it )

here's the trailer for those of you who haven't seen it..

bon appetite


  1. I thought skynet was online in the last movie. Wasn't that it? After that, it's just constant fighting till the machines are about to loose and the time travel device is made and used to alter the past.

  2. judgment day according to the second terminator film happens on Aug 29th 1997.

    John Connor was born 1985 ( Sarah Connor was pregnant by the end of the fist movie which took place in 1984 ) making John about 12 when Judgment day goes down (he should have been 6 years old in the 2nd movie.)

    that's just a small example of the
    inconsistencies with the franchises timeline.

    not to mention whats happening in the Sarah Connor Chronicles on FOX.

    but I'm willing to put that all aside just to see shiny metal things kill.