Saturday, January 3, 2009


40. The Battle of Fabletown

Throughout the first year or so of Bill Willingham’s Fables, he has established the concept of so-called Fables (people we think of as fictional characters) living in seclusion in “Fabletown” in New York while their homelands are held captive by the evil “Adversary” who has turned the homelands into his evil Empire.

The first two years of the book was basically setting up the concept behind the series, and telling some engaging stories featuring the characters within Fabletown, of course, primarily the Big Bad Wolf (Sheriff of Fabletown) and Snow White (the Vice-Mayor of Fabletown, or whatever her title is). The two had just gotten together when the events of the Battle for Fabletown took place.

The Adversary’s forces launch an attack on Fabletown, using magical wooden soldiers (think Pinocchio) who are pretty darn impervious to harm.

The Fables steel themselves for the attack and set up blockades, etc.

Then the battle commences, and many Fables that readers thought would be around for a long time are killed and many more are wounded.

However, in the end, through magic and ingenuity (and don’t forget fire!), the Fables fight off the invasion.

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