Thursday, January 1, 2009


46. Spider-Man vs. Kraven (Kraven’s Last Hunt)

Spider-Man and Kraven the Hunter tangled many times over the years, but none like the aptly titled Kraven’s Last Hunt.

In this story, Kraven actually SUCCEEDS in hunting down Spider-Man! He tracks Spidey down, shoots him and buries him!!

Kraven then dresses in Spider-Man’s costume and proceeds to show how he is, in his mind, better at being Spider-Man than Spider-Man himself. Part of this demonstration was the solo capture of the bizarre creature, Vermin, who Spider-Man was unable to bring in on his own.

When Spidey finally woke up from the tranquilizer dart (the gun that shot Spidey was actually a tranq gun), he was met by Kraven who told him that Vermin had just escaped - Spidey could take Kraven into custody or hunt down Vermin.

Spidey chose the latter, and in the closing of the comic for Spidey, he manages to, for the first time, defeat Vermin by himself.

That is the closing for Spidey, the closing for Kraven, however, comes via the barrel of a gun, as Kraven finally found inner peace upon “killing” Spider-Man, so he “celebrated” by ending his own life - his “last hunt” now over.

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