Thursday, January 1, 2009


47. Flash vs. Professor Zoom (Return of Barry Allen)

Outside of a out of place and dated reference to the 1988 Vice-Presidential debates (and since the comic came out in 1993, well…), the Return of Barry Allen by Mark Waid and Greg Larocque was handled almost note perfectly.

The concept behind the storyline was a way to establish that Wally West really is THE Flash, not just A Flash, and to do so, Barry Allen “returns,” only we learn that it is actually Professor Zoom disguised as Barry.

At first, Zoom thinks he IS Barry, and acts as such, but soon his evil personality takes over and, as Zoom, he takes out the other speedsters.

Ultimately, it comes down to Wally truly embracing his legacy as THE Flash so that he can run to his highest capabilities and defeat Zoom.

It’s a delightful coming of age story by Waid, who was soon into his acclaimed run on the Flash.

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