Thursday, January 1, 2009


48. Hulk vs. The Superheroes of New York City

The fight in The Incredible Hulk #300 is, in many ways, a precursor to more recent stories involving the Hulk. The comic was written by Bill Mantlo and was drawn by Sal Buscema, and it depicts the Hulk becoming basically what everyone always feared the Hulk would become - an actual mindless brute, as Doctor Strange’s earlier work with the Hulk to allow Banner’s personality to take over has backfired and now Banner is nowhere to be seen.

The Hulk is on a monstrous rampage in New York and the street-level heroes of New York such as Spider-Man and Daredevil show up, mostly just to keep civilians (and the SHIELD agents trying to slow the Hulk down) out of harm’s way.

The Human Torch and Iron Fist both taken down when they attempt to interfere with the Hulk’s rampage.

Ultimately, the Avengers show up - one of the new Avengers at the time, Starfox, tries to use his soothing power on the Hulk, but it is no good as the Hulk is pretty much brainless at this point.

The other Avengers have little success either, and ultimately they just get out of the way and let Thor take Hulk on one-on-one, which stalls the Hulk’s progress a bit.

Doctor Strange has been frantically trying to figure out a way out of this, and his solution is to trick Hulk into entering a dimensional gateway. In other words, basically what Doctor Strange (as a member of the Illuminati) did to the Hulk later on when he sent him to another planet to get him off of the people of Earth’s toes.

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