Monday, January 31, 2011

Marvel vs Capcom 3 final boss battle Video

See it while you can since this is actual cease and desist material I'm hoping to get this out before the major game news outlets get to it.

My thoughts? I wasn't a fan of the giant Apocalypse battle in X-men vs Street fighter and Onslaught in Marvel vs Capcom, anyone who's read Marvel comics featuring Galactus should understand that he's not a villain but a force of nature who could care less about the inhabitants of the world he's devouring, making his face grimace and attack using his hands just looks silly to me.

just click below to find out.

Galactus Boss Fight Marvel vs Capcom 3
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  1. Seems grossly unfair. Also the Devil May Cry guy look waaaaaay overpowered.

  2. This is pure ass. Even if you invent some back-story where these fights make sense (Jill Valentine vs. Thor?), Galactus has no business as an end boss.