Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Super Fail #2 - Chuck hates on Scott

And we,re back with another one of the great professors note wothy moments.

When Professor X learns that his precious X-men may have died in Antarctica at the hands of Magneto ( issue # 114 ) what does he do?

He flies off into space for about #15 issues with his new girlie, Lilandra vacationing across the universe with his alien hottie.

During this time the X-men Save the savage land, defeat Proteus one of the most dangerous mutants alive that no one knew about (thanks for the heads up Chuck ) Save Japan, beat Alpha Flight and Arcade.

Finally good ole Chuck comes back ( issue # 129 ) I'm guessing Lilandra finally realized how annoying he was and just dumped him back on Earth.

Now the Professors back and all is well, until he begins taking out his inadequacies on the X-men.

Okay, we all agree the wolverine was a douche early on in Uncanny and probably deserved that, lets continue...

You're dogging your best student and leader of your team for taking care of business while you were away? Your a class act Charles.

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  1. This is pretty early in the run isn't it. They don't seemed to have thought of that storyline where Wolvie fought in WWII. Ten demerits would get him gutted, I'd think.