Monday, May 30, 2011


Living out in California puts me close to DisneyLand. So, I WILL be making my way out to the park to check out the updated Star Tours!
It had been in need of an update for years which doesn't happen with Disney rides very often. However, they have been updating a few of their rides in the last few years, none of which I have seen the new versions of yet. Seeing this commercial got me a bit excited about Star Tours and going back to Disney again. I watched it about 5 times to see what I could see.
Then I recognized someone.
Other than fake Admiral Ackbar, I realized that I had met the actress playing "mom" before! Elena Eva, actress and better half of Dan Panosian (recent X-Factor artist). I did a quick check with him to make sure that it was her I was seeing... Yes! He said that she is a pretty big geek, and she had a great time hanging with Chewbacca. Nice!


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  2. i don't get to play video games
    or collect toys
    but I am still a great big nerd that reads comics on occasion
    and digs movies
    and I if I get to meet some street level heroes of the nerd world
    every once in a while.. maybe I can post about that.