Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A revealing look at a DARK SOULS E3 video clip.

Here's a nice video courtesy of Youtube/SCRAWLfx from E3 that gives us a little more to work with as far as what's changed and what remained the same. Here are my thoughts and comparison to DEMON SOUL based on whats in the clip.

The demo gives you Six different character builds to choose from, I'm guessing these are based on what attributes you spend your "souls" on like the original game and your not locked into a "type" throughout the entire game.

On the demo level, UNDEAD PARISH, we see the player interact with a bonfire instead of the archway and an option to enhance the bonfire, I'm interested to learn what this does. We also see the player get roasted by a giant red dragon and like in the first game he was able to recover his souls where he died.

It looks like Namco Bandai had a LAN going in their booth allowing players to experiment with leaving messages and invading worlds as black phantoms, I also noticed that your still able to see the "ghosts" of other players while you play.

Now onto what I hope they fix....

Online chat, it only makes sense that you should be able to communicate with a fellow player in your world be it PVP or CO-OP.

There should be a way were people on your friends list are automatically on the same server as you are without having to jump in and out of levels to sync up with people that you wish to play with.

Lighting, I know they want to set a mood but the game is too damn dark on the interior levels.

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  1. Yow. I saw the E3 video and it sure sounds like they think no online chat is a great and original idea. Oh well. I'll still be playing this.