Tuesday, June 28, 2011

COMIC BOOK MOMENTS : Ratzi bashing at it's finest.

Courtesy of DC's Flashpoint - Frankenstein and the Crusaders of the Unknown.

I tell you man, any mainstream comic that has the Frankenstein monster ending the Nazi menace at the height of WWII gets the GRANDAIZA seal of comic awesomeness.

I love how the "Monster" deals with a caped German unber-man droning on like a run of the mill old school comic book villain.

The following page is also priceless as Fuehrer faces the monsters rage, I love how they have Hitler throwing his arms up in a panic like a bitch, also the SS officers expression as Hitler is put out of his misery is a nice touch.

Fun stuff.


  1. Is that forever intertwined with a storyline like Secret Wars that chokes the life out of it or can you just read the issue and it makes sense?

  2. It's pretty much self contained, the Flashpoint books are just a huge "WHAT IF" sandbox for writers and artists to play with their favorite characters, as you can imagine some titles are fun like Frankenstein while others are just meh.