Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just a Reminder ( STREET FIGHTER 3 Third Strike )

With what many (including yours truly) consider the greatest fighting game of all time due to be released soon, I would like to repost this fun little video reminder of the fact that Third Strike is the pinnacle of fighting game genre for it's almost limitless offensive and defensive options that it offers a player for any given situation.

This clip gives you several examples and ways to counter many of the same bag of tricks that keep players at bay in other iterations of STREET FIGHTER, let's just say that you won't be able to just dragon punch your way to victory.

Enjoy the clip and remember STREET FIGHTER 3 THIRD STRIKE ONLINE should be out this summer on PSN, XBL and I'll be waiting to clean your clocks.

PSN id : Grandaiza
(if you dare)

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  1. Everyone knows that the greatest fighting game of all times is Tattoo Assassins.