Saturday, April 13, 2013

Let's read comics # 2 - weekly wrap up

It's been a few days since this weeks books have been out on the racks so you can't claim I spoiled it for you, so here's what's going in the world of the "Big Two" this week.

Indestructible Hulk # 6

Walt Simonson and Thor are reunited in a Hulk book and I couldn't be happier. I'll take my Simonson ( who in my opinion is one of comics living legends and doesn't get the credit he deserves. ) fix any way I can get it, The story has Banner traveling to Asgard and arriving in a past were Thor has yet to met the Hulk, hijinks ensue.

Bonus sweet Thor page by Walt..

Cooler than Yimir's frosty beard!

Age of Ultron # 5

We find Reed, Tony admiring an unconscious Vision (creepy) while they wax on about time travel and whatnot...

We then zip to the present where the remaining beleaguered Avengers roam through the Savage land and cool as ice Tony Stark looses his shit...

And finally we have the "do gooders" debate killing Henry Pym before he creates Ultron....(Really!)
You know your up shits creak when Wolverine becomes The Avengers voice of reason.

Moving on......

Batgirl # 19

Sibling rivalry to the ninth degree as Babs goes up against her psychopathic little brother, James Gordon Jr.

Way to rat out your sister to Mom (douche)

Batgirl rightfully delivers the coupe de grace in the form of a fist full o' family business.

Oh snap.

Batman and Robin # 19

Batman lost his sidekick, son and now his scruples, he hatches a plan to resurrect the recently departed Damian Wayne, but instead of going to the most obvious means of resurrection in the DCU, the Lazarus pit, Batman barks up the wrong tree...The damn Frankenstein Monster!

Ok Batman's got the creature trapped, Frankie by the way is a full fledge good guy in the DCU, so you figure Bats is gonna ask some questions and be done with this nonsense, right?

Nope, he's gathering fucking cadavers people! WHERE IS THE JUSTICE LEAGUE!?! This needs to stop before it gets out of hand. Alfred knowing damn well that Bruce has finally completely lost his shit, calls Tim Drake for help who nearly looses his lunch when he stumbles upon this little scene...

...Sheer madness people.

Batman # 19

Over in another book Bruce Wayne seems to lose his mind (again) and guns down (WHAT?!?) Jim


If that ain't enough then runs him over while revealing the Bat costume underneath his shirt...

...Damn Bruce, did you really have to run him over?!?

Hawkeye #9

And Finally my favorite book starring the lovable loser known as Clint Barton, Clint Faces Two of his most fearsome foes!

First up...the Ex-Wife!

Then the angry girlfriend!!

Even his sidekick gives him the sad.

That's it for this week, If I didn't mention your favorite book it probably because it sucked and I really didn't feel like reading it let alone write about it.

So until next week.....peace and chicken grease kiddies!

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