Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Netflix instant review - Animated edition

Hey for those of you out there looking for something to watch on Netflix instant streaming, they've just added a ton of animated goodies for you, here's a few series that I highly recommend:

Justice League 

Justice League Unlimited 

This follow up to Paul Dini's Batman and Superman Animated is a comic lovers dream come to life. Written by the late Dwayne McDuffie, this series treats the material seriously and features almost every character in the DC universe worth showcasing. I should also mention that it's one of the few animated shows that tied up all it's loose ends by the final episode which by the way is one of my favorite TV show episodes of all time.

Batman Beyond

Dini and Timm followed up their legendary Batman TAS by jumping 30 years or so. Bruce Wayne has retired the cowl and takes on a protege willing to carry on his legacy, Terry McGinnis. I think this show didn't catch on as well due in part to fans unwillingness to accept anyone other than Bruce Wayne as Batman, but if you give it a chance (it's a short 3 seasons) It's a fun show that most comic fans should enjoy.

Batman: Brave and the Bold

This Batman show while not in the same continuity vein as the previous Two aforementioned series, is still a delightfully fun team up show that hardens back to simpler times. I feel that this series was never given a far chance by fans due to it's Batman 1966 inspired look but I think anyone who enjoys animated super hero adventures will be right at home watching this program. The show follows a "guest of the week" format featuring Batman and a variety of surprisingly obscure characters that you normally wouldn't think you'd see on TV ( B'wana Beast, Adam Strange!?!) I confess that I haven't seen the entire series, but now thanks to Netflix instant.

The Venture Bros.

Hands down the greatest television show ever made, animated or otherwise and of you beg to differ, you'll have to face the wrath of Brock Samson!

There are a few other additions to the Netflix instant library worth mentioning Samurai Jack and The Power Puff Girls which are great if you have a little one who wasn't around to enjoy them when they first aired.


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