Monday, October 13, 2008


These are tough, uncertain economic times that we are living in and I've come to terms with the need for a 700 Billion dollar bail out, I just think it should have gone to mortgage holders and then worked it's way up to the companies holding these mortgages.

but any who, what's done is done and now we as tax paying citizens are funneling money via the Treasury department into the financial markets by purchasing floundering securities in the hopes that they will yield a tidy profit when the smoke clears.

in the mean time, I think it's every New Yorkers duty, since we're so close to these Wall St. bums , to give every stock broker, ( or if you Luck a CFO or CEO of these hives of scum and villainy ) you see and give him DA BUSINESS.

And just in case your new to the Greater New York Tri-state area, here's a nice little cartoon that shows you what I'm talking about..

Stewie, your on...

..And if they still done cough up the dough...


  1. I think all those top of the ladder cocksuckers that approved all those bad decisions in order to fatten their pockets should have their 50 million dollar salaries go straight to the fucking debt.